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Pao Ortega

Pao Ortega is a Health & Life Coach and founder of Endorfina, a wellness company.

Pao works with people who feel stuck, with chronic anxiety and low energy.

"I help them because I was there 7 years ago! I had a terrible depression, I was really in a black hole!"


She teaches people how to "Untangle their Brain," create new habits that last, and achieve emotional health through her 123Pao formula.  A set of Mindset, Nutrition and Movement tools that will change your life if you apply them every day!


Mindset is one of her main pillars in 123Pao formula, She does energy clearing through SRT- Subconscious Release Technique which facilitates release of mental and emotional blocks from the subconscious mind and energy field.


The benefits are more energy and more clarity, as well as the ability to solve problems, make better decisions, and the most importantly, HAPPINESS!   Pao believes we all deserve it!