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Nick Stuller

Nicholas W. Stuller is the Founder & CEO of, the premier matchmaker between investors and financial advisors. Nick is a 30-year veteran of financial services, and over the past 15 years Nick was the CEO and co-founder of the two largest advisor directory businesses, and in 2018 authored a book on how to find a financial advisor: “THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOUR WALLET FREE: Secrets to Finding the Perfect Financial Advisor” published by Post Hill Press and available in Barnes & Noble Stores as well as online retailers.

Nick is one of the foremost authorities on financial advisors and is a respected and outspoken authority on the financial advisory universe. Prior, he was the founding CEO of the two largest financial advisor database companies in the U.S., Discovery Data and Meridian-IQ. He hired and led teams that built the most inclusive web-based directories, which include deep data and intelligence on the two million U.S. financial and insurance advisors. The nation’s largest advisory firms, mutual funds, and insurance carriers have relied upon his companies to understand the financial advisor community.