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Nicholas Arrivas

Nicholas Arrivas, also known as Kapua, was  raised in the Bay Area, CA, representing his roots of heritage from Guam & the Philippines. Currently based out of LA, Kapua is an independent artist of music, dance & entertainment. 


Growing up in the culture of Polynesian dance, training disciplines in hip hop and contemporary/ modern styles of dance, along with his experience in fitness training, have all played a vital role of balanced connection as one complete instrument for him. Some mentions of Kapua’s resume includes him performing for Cirque Du Soleil's The Beatles LOVE Show in Las Vegas, performing at The 50th Annual Grammy Awards with Cirque Du Soleil, dancing for artists such as Usher, Jhene Aiko, and Disney channel’s own Corbin Bleu. He has also been able to share his culture internationally, instructing Polynesian, hip hop, and improv dance workshops.


Kapua started making music just a short time ago, in the beginning of 2021. He dropped his very first single “KING” on March 31st, 2021. Shortly after, he released a summer anthem and second single called “TOON TOON”. 


Each of these outlets have guided him to grow towards immense development of becoming essential beyond myself.


Kapua’s main objective is to bring liveliness, unity, and compassion to the people of the world. His craft and passion of what he loves to do have always been for the people, and it all started with his family. Kapua’s journey is a humbling blessing for him as he wants to utilize his tools of entertainment to connect and share love with others.