Guest Profile

Natasha Hornedo

I have always been drawn to helping others and wanting them to achieve complete fulfillment in life. I have also always related as an artistic and highly creative soul drawn to acting, music, art, movement and dance from a young age. My Passion in life is to hold a safe space for others to explore the depths of intimacy within themselves and guide them in reconnecting back to their unique Magical selves in their personal journey of healing and Reclamation. Whatever you are carrying I have space for you. I see you and I honor you wherever you are no shame no judgement. Total Acceptance and Love with Radical Self-Responsibility.

I grew up in a highly dysfunctional family and am a T(t)rauma survivor and THRIVER through these experiences. My trauma has manifested in a variety of ways including but not limited to Chronic PTSD, anxiety, depression, Various addictions, Self Sabotage & codependency to name a few.

At the age of 19 in the 2000's I first began to focus more on my mental health through professional counseling and my physical health in strength training and bodybuilding. I thought I had achieved the life of my dreams but really I had just fallen back into unconscious patterns in both life, love and relationships, something was missing.

At 25 I had a complete breakdown, which led me to break open and find a true path of healing , as I actively sought out a better way to live. I began to seek out a deeper connection to spirituality and wellness, here is where I found salvation through Radical Self-Responsibility in the Intimacy of  deeply Accepting and loving myself. 

In 2010 as I was drawn deeply into the path of healing through my studies in shamanism and movement therapies, I experienced my first Hatha Yoga class in NYC. Something profound shifted inside me that day when my mind quieted for the first time and I became truly present in my body, it was in this moment that I realized the great potential of body, mind and spirit healing available to us.

My love affair with the wisdom of the body was born and I have devoted the last 12 years of life to cultivating these gifts. I utilized Yoga, Plant Medicine works and various other spiritually minded modalities to piece myself back together and began to understand how healing in the DNA of the body as well as mental, spiritual, physical and emotional balance was where the key to true Happiness lives.

I see the emotional, energetic and physical body as interconnected systems that when in balance allow an individual to thrive in optimal levels of health and vitality. My work style is created with this Intention in mind and uniquely formulated to meet the differing needs of each client. I begin each session with meeting the client where they are at and a Somatic Embodiment. From here we co-create together honoring the wisdom of your body and the resources I bring Co-creating a session that is most nourishing for you in the moment. I Aim to guide you in opening up the space for you to take full ownership of your body and your life.