Guest Profile

Nancy Martin

Nancy’s passion is creating the best work environment for technologists around the world. She is the founder of Nancy R. Martin consulting where she develops and coaches technical leaders to grow them into thoughtful people leaders. She trains about one hundred leaders each year on a variety of topics including leadership, communication, trust, and team building. Nancy is also a public speaker on inspirational topics around perfectionism, self-confidence, and organizational transformation.

Nancy is a retired executive from General Electric, and most recently led technical education for the company.

During her 35-year GE career, she held 17 jobs, mostly in engineering leadership, and was the head of the Edison Engineering program – an entry level program for 1000 engineers and scientists around the globe. She was proud of all her program members, and especially pleased to have hired a gender balanced workforce into STEM roles for 3 consecutive years. She is particularly passionate about growing and advocating for female leaders and university students in technology.

She has two children, Jill and Jeff, and is married to a very supportive husband, Dave.

Nancy’s role models growing up were her mother, who was unconditionally supportive; and her math teacher, Mr. Arnold – who instilled a love of math when it wasn’t cool for girls to like math, and who supported her dreams of furthering her education in a town where less than 20% attended college.

Her fictional role model is Cindy Lou Who, who Nancy believes played an essential role in bringing out the Grinch’s humanity.

She has an undergraduate degree in Mathematics from Clarkson University, and a graduate degree in electrical engineering from Syracuse University. She is the 2018 recipient of the Distinguished Career Award for the Capital Region’s Women of Excellence.

She is an emoticon enthusiast and her hobbies include biking, walking and doing the laundry.