Guest Profile

Nadine Searle

I'm Nadine and I help busy successful people who are struggling with feelings of overwhelm and guilt. 

I guide and assist you through my trusted Calmer Self Method which teaches you how to recognize and release old habits and patterns that can hold you back, reduce stress and anxiety and build confidence and self-esteem. This enables you to create your own perfect life-work balance and get everything done with ease and joy. 

I tailor bespoke programs for my clients and work mostly 1:1 but I do facilitate workshops and love to speak at events sharing my story of how I went from chaos to calm and how I now enjoy the wonderful life I have built for myself. I always say..." I learned the hard way so you don't have to ". At events, I regularly share tips and coping strategies to combat the stress and anxiety of our busy, everyday lives and lift depression to support our emotional health and well-being.

My sessions are a mixture of lifestyle coaching, where I teach you how to connect with the calmer version of yourself and how to snatch moments of calm in your hectic schedule, coupled with therapies that deeply relax you using a combination of meditation, reiki, and mindfulness. I call what I do Transformation through Relaxation because I have the pleasure of seeing real change in my clients and it simply begins with finding your very own place of calm.

To keep us all safe, during this time of social distancing, I now offer everything online.