Guest Profile

Mike Anthony

Mike Anthony has been a professional actor and (not-professional) bartender since he graduated from Wayne State University with a Master of Arts degree in Theater. His first book, Life At Hamilton, chronicles the extraordinary time he spent as a theater bartender with an up-close perspective of Hamilton: An American Musical as it rocketed into Broadway history. Beyond his life in theater, Mike’s journey took an unexpected turn when his dad passed, leading him down a remarkable path of discovery. He now spends a good portion of his time exploring evidence suggestive of the survival of consciousness beyond the demise of the physical body. A part of Mike’s story is told in the documentary series, Surviving Death. Mike uses his acting abilities, often during the Christmas season, at the Theatre at Monmouth in Maine. Mike is still the bar manager at Hamilton, though on hiatus due to Covid. Currently residing in Milford, Connecticut, he is in the midst of working on several projects, including his next book and a documentary.