Guest Profile

Michelle Moore

Michelle Moore is a coach, author, speaker, and transformational poet whose expressions pierce the soul.

At a young age, she became hyper-aware that it was the perfectly polished, pretty girls who got the most attention and she became fixated on mastering a flawless presentation in every area of her life; a commitment which resulted in over 40 years of emotional & physical self-abuse.

In 2013, in an attempt to become more successful in her business, Michelle discovered the world of personal development. She became a fervent student of herself; obsessed with understanding her choices & behaviors.

Inspired by her own life transformation, after 10 yearsImage as a leader in the Direct Sales Industry, Michelle began her journey as a transformational coach.

She is a compassionate, ferociously loving advocate. Her transparency and vulnerability allows her clients to experience more joy, feel more in control of their lives, and move through the world as their authentic selves.

Michelle is a Lisa Nichols Certified Transformational Trainer, she is a Master Coach, trained in Neurotransformation (an approach that blends numerous leadership & healing methodologies to produce long-lasting behavior change in the body and mind), and she is a Mentor Coach who trains other coaches in the same methodology.