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Melissa Walker-Johnson

Melissa Walker-Johnson's mission and motivation is to empower the world with resources and proven systems that will enable them to apply strategies to live out their purpose. To encourage through literary works that will ignite a flame within to equip and motivate a more victoriously life.

Melissa Walker-Johnson is the President and Founder of W.O.W. Ministries, LLC. A ministry created to inspire the world through teaching, preaching, speaking, interviewing, and literary works. Her work is multi-faceted as her gifts and talents are specifically centered on inspiring and influencing the world to Worship over Worry. In 2020, she expanded her brand to include WOW Coaching and Consultant, a life coaching company created to assist clients on their journey from Pain to Purpose. In 2021, she received her certification as a Life Coach.

Melissa Walker-Johnson was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. She holds a BA in “Business Management” from Davenport University. She was a partner with First Class Financial Corporation for over ten years. Her latest project is WOW Investment and Management Company. A company created in 2020 to build up communities through economic empowerment.

Melissa Walker-Johnson also earned a Master of Arts in “Theology and Pastoral Counseling” from Ashland Theological Seminary in Ohio. She is a Professor of Religious Studies at Central Texas College in Savannah, GA.

Melissa Walker-Johnson is the creative writer at W.O.W. Ministries, LLC of books, curriculum, and devotions. In 2018, she published her first of many books entitled, “7 Weapons to Defeat Worry.” This book has been sold all around the world and on different continents. The book's purpose is to empower the reader to live a victorious life by applying the principles to defeat worry. Her latest project, “Dreaming Big, a 30-day devotional for dreamers” was released in May 2021 and is currently sold in Walmart, Target, Amazon, and bookstores all around the world. She is also the creator of the Pain 2 Purpose (P2P) Program scheduled to launch in August of 2021.

This woman is very busy, but she continues to inspire the world through her prolific poetry. These poems are written to awaken the spirit and inspire the soul. She is specifically known for the intriguing and inspirational series, “The Brilliance of a Black Woman/ Man.” She is currently on tour featuring The Brilliant Black Man Show. This show is featured on her you-tube channel and consists of interviews with strong successful black men as she shares their success stories with the world. She is also the writer of a weekly blog featured on Facebook and Instagram entitled, “Minute with Melissa” to awaken the world to live out their purpose passionately.

Melissa Walker-Johnson currently resides in Charlotte, NC. You can follow her, Facebook @Melissa Johnson, and Instagram @wowmissyj. Her motto is, “Be inspired as WOW inspires the World.”