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Matthew Butcher

Matthew Wright Butcher is currently a graduate student at the New England School of Acupuncture in Worcester Massachusetts where he is continuing to develop his passion for the healing arts.  It is his passion in this lifetime to act as a guide for people to discover their right path and optimal self; while treating the body, mind and soul of a client from a place of compassion.

After graduating with a BA in Philosophy from Loyola University Maryland, Matthew found himself working as a financial advisor based in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. During that time he could tell something was off. That he was not in alignment with his path or his heart. This prompted him to take some time for self-reflection by thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail in 2012. Thru-hiking expanded Matthew’s perspectives and it was through meeting so many amazing people on the trail that he came to be introduced to the deeper world of Plant Medicine among other healing modalities. 

Since that time Matthew has attended countless plant medicine ceremonies, traveled to Gabon to be initiated into the Missoko Bwiti Tradition, completed courses in energy work and even ran a small crystal and jewelry business. Matthew had truly found his passion of working with the plant medicines and various healing modalities. However during this time he was a bit lost as to how he could truly live his passions. Matthew was working another corporate job; this time with a rental car company in order to make ends meet and to fund his passions. Once again he realized that everything was not in alignment. Feeling over stretched and drained he sought some help for health issues that were arising from walking about 10 miles a day on pavement. It was recommended that he visit a local acupuncturist. It was during his second treatment that he had an intuition while on the table. It was time to unify his passions in a way that would allow him to be of service while still taking care of his needs. The intuition was to become an acupuncturist. 

In Matthew’s practice he hopes to treat his clients on all levels, body mind and soul. He intends to incorporate energy work, sound healing, and coaching sessions into his practice. The modalities to be used will based upon his clients’ needs and desires.   He truly desires the best for his clients and hopes to simply be a guide for people to discover their own right paths and optimal selves.

Matthew Currently offers acupressure, energy work (Reiki and Brazilian Modalities), and Psychedelic/Plant Medicine consultations. 

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He can be reached at [email protected]