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Matt Perez

Matt has been building hardware and software products for over 30 years.  He has helped raise close to $50M in VC investments as a co-founder of three start ups.

Matt co-founded Nearsoft, Inc, a successful software development company that helps its clients grow their software development teams with engineers in Mexico.  Nearsoft brings together dedicated teams of developers, manual testers, and UX/UI specialists to work directly with clients as members of their core product development team.

After working in traditional hierarchical, fear-based organizations for many years, Matt got a chance to experiment with workplace freedom and self-management at Nearsoft.  The experiment is going well and Nearsoft is very successful thanks to its strong culture.


Fixed, pre-imposed hierarchies are a thing of the past.  The future belongs to people working together in dynamic, adaptive, self-managed organizations.  My goal is to make that future happen sooner than later.