Guest Profile

Maryann Candito

Maryann Candito - Spirit Mentor, Author, Akashic Records Consultant, Women's Empowerment Coach.

Maryann helps women to activate and awaken their Divine Feminine power, so they can rise up with confidence, transform their world with passion and heart, thus helping to raise the consciousness of the planet.

She became an Intuitive Healer and Spirit Mentor due to her own personal challenges. Having struggled for years with self confidence issues, money, and career success,she found these struggles to be valuable lessons which taught her much. Determined to face and solve these issues Maryann turned to using Spiritual Wisdom which is more effective than any business plan, or “how to” book.

Using Spiritual tools such as Akashic Records work, Divine Feminine Power mantras, EFT, Guided imagery, intuitive energy healing, and attraction techniques, combined with aligned strategic action plans she has overcome many of her struggles and helped her clients transform their lives and businesses. 

By discovering your soul’s master vision and integrating it with your human vision you gain a deeper level of understanding and perspective, so you can live life more empowered, on purpose, and joy-filled.  Maryann would love to help you discover your soul's desires, tap into your passion, and live the life you came here to live.