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  03/02/2012      12:00 pm

Chat with Natalie: " -- Getting to Know Yourself" Today we're talking about "WILD:The way of the woman's Wild Creative Heart" with Lisa Dieken, Natasha Reilly, Mary Rives, and Tina van Leuven.

Guest Profile

Mary Rives

In her WILD course, Mary will be teaching Liberate Your Inner Wild Woman
Mary delights in assisting others in opening to the ways of the heart and the path of peace through powerful individual and group coaching, uplifting Laughter Yoga sessions, and dynamic Four Hours of Fun playshops. She is a certified Professional Life and Laughter Coach through The Levity Institute, and was certified as a Laughter Yoga Leader by the founder of Laughter Yoga, Dr. Madan Kataria.


Barbara Scheidegger