Guest Profile

Mariangela Maguire Ph.D.

If your inner dialogue is a continuous stream of self-doubt and self-criticism we need to talk.

You want to succeed in your career, be fully present to your family, and stay aware and engaged with your community and the larger world. You’re running as fast as you can and yet there’s a voice in your head telling you it’s not enough, you are not enough, you must do better. Despite its relentless negativity you might actually believe that without that nagging, doubting, judging voice you’d be a failure. The truth is your spirit will eventually be crushed by that voice because its sole purpose is to make you question yourself and no amount of success will silence it.

The purpose of Nothing But Now is to identify the key beliefs that block progress to a rewarding life, develop practices that increase calmness, clarity, and self-acceptance, and learn how to maintain a level of self-awareness that allows us to accept change and make decisions from a place of confidence and not fear.

I truly believe you can alter the way you see your life and the way you live your life by examining and changing the way you talk to yourself.

Teacher, mentor, and coach are the roles I’ve most often played in my professional life. Listening, clarifying, and encouraging best describe my methods. I provide one-on-one coaching where I listen deeply, offer clear observations, and provide new perspectives. After earning a Ph.D. in communication studies I taught courses in interpersonal communication, group decision-making, and communication and gender for over 20 years at the college level. As a higher education leader, I worked with both individuals and groups to support them in identifying and fulfilling their goals. I’m a certified life coach and trained mediator. I am devoted to helping individuals and groups release themselves from fearful and negative thinking and make decisions with clarity and confidence.