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Margo Pellegrino

On September 12, 2010, Margo Pellegrino paddled into San Diego after leaving from Seattle on July 3rd. She was supported along the way by her one-woman land crew, June Barnard. Together, these two women carried out a personal campaign to draw attention to issues facing our oceans and what is needed to heal them.

Margo likes to describe herself as a stay-at-home-mom who doesn't do a very good job staying at home. She is typically paddling the coastline and away from her two children, 9 year old Billy and 5 year old Julia, 2 months of the year. In each of the past three years, she has undertaken similar paddling voyages in her outrigger canoe, having journeyed nearly the entire eastern seaboard and Gulf coast west to New Orleans. Shes also been collecting anecdotal data as well as witnessing first hand problems associated with run-off and poor storm water management, as well as the growing plastic trash problem on our beaches.

This coastal paddling journey is her way to call attention to the need for healthy oceans and raise awareness in schools and legislation.
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