Guest Profile

Marc Kettenbach

Marc is a passionate person focused on results. His inspiring energy helps
people to find their true passion in life. His energetic work and teachings
are long lasting, proven and empower his clients to get exactly what they
want out of their lives.

Marc is an energetic speaker, author, transformational coach, a martial
artist (with more than three decades of experience,
a certified Trainer in several energetic and healing modalities, Hypnosis
Coach and NLP Trainer. People like to call him a New Age Shaman.

Marc is also the Co-Founder of two powerful transformational Tools called
N2H (Nice to have) and Boosting Intentions.

In 2014 he Co-Founded “Energetic Upgrade” with Colette Marie Stefan, in what
has been said to be “state of the art” when it comes to energy shifting and
reality steering.

“Feel free, be authentic & correct the rest!“ - marc kettenbach