Guest Profile

Mal Jones

Mal Jones is no GURU, but a 25+ year Tech Industry leader & Entrepreneur. While outwardly successful, deep down he suffered from having the wrong perspective on life; from never facing up to and coming to terms with his difficult and dysfunctional childhood; and from inadequately dealing with the everyday stresses and challenges that came with achieving a 'successful' career & life!


A few years shy of 50, and with his health deteriorating and life unravelling, Mal finally realized he needed to make a significant transformation. Therefore, leaving behind the tech industry he dearly loved, Mal returned to school and over a couple of years completed various programs to become a Personal Trainer, a Nutrition, Mindfulness, Meditation Coach and a Wim Hof Method Instructor.


Utilizing his new found knowledge, Mal transformed his own health and life, and for the last few years has been dedicated to helping others do the same.

Mal passionately believes that we all have what is needed to heal ourselves, within ourselves; and that with the right support guiding us and holding us accountable, we can all become Happier, Healthier & Stronger and move from a life focused on success to one focused on significance.