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Madame iLaria Bordignon

Intuitive Empathic Healer & Intimacy Therapist, Trauma Hypnotherapist & Reiki Sound Healer Women’s Sacral Yoni and Ani Massage Healer & Tantric Energy Goddess

My healing journey began at a young 9 years old, when I started to see different colored auras around people. This amazing revelation was experienced while transcending a challenging childhood of emotional and sexual trauma and gender identity confusion all cumulating in a near death experience in my 20s. This all motivated an insatiable desire to understand ancient and modern therapies encompassing emotional, psychological and energetic perspectives.

Now as an Intuitive Empathic Healer & Intimacy Therapist, Trauma Hypnotherapist, Reiki Sound Healer, and women's Tantric energy activator. I am a conduit of flowing healing energy from divine goddess universe and mother Earth’s healing Telluric energy’s.

My modalities are a unique alchemy of ancient and modern healing sciences… Sound Therapy, Energetic Aura Reading, Intuitive Psychology, Past and Current Life Trauma Healing, Crystal Readings, Chakra Blockage Clearing, Quantum Transformative Physical and Emotional Healing, 3rd Eye Chakra Cranial Massage And Tantric Sexual Healing with Yoni And Ani Massage for Women.

I have a beautiful canopied garden sanctuary in honor of the goddess Yemaya where I perform acoustic alchemy sound bath healing concerts, energetic aura dance gatherings and releasing fire ceremonies. I also perform Chakra healings, host healing circles and Tantric healing massage in my indoor divine goddess temple which is beautifully decorated with satin drapes and sumptuous soft rugs and is a safe sanctuary for women only. My gender, emotional and sexual intimacy healing and counseling is performed in my comfortable therapy office… all in Long Beach, and now in Westwood, Los Angeles California.

For me, life is a blissful ecstatic dance of a never-ending love empowered journey of enlightenment, which I live through the gift of guiding others to heal, love and thrive.