Guest Profile


MA TU RA the RAwthentic Warrior

A Constantine of the Grey. stands without judgement but acceptance of his own and Your Inner Shadow Work.  The Grey that defines the Will of the Soul and the battle of the Form for understanding of the Divine Journey to bring that Unification.

The Shadow Warrior knows the dance of light of forgotten years and assists that memory to come in and through during such sessions.

MA TU RA has a passion for the pysical Form and a deep knowing of how Your Body Conscious is desiring to assist you to obtain the Form that aligns you Spirit and Body.  By Mentoring and Coaching you on both levels unified in the Wholeness desired to walk you Divne Purpose Spiritually in Form.  Chizeling away what is not of YOU and empowering what IS YOU.


He also has a brilliant ability as a Spiritual Comedic Activist to assist ALL to take LIGHTLY the struggle of discearning from the distractions and bondadge of untruths in the world and free the thoughts through truthful authentic matter of fact humor. 


Many times LAughter IS the best Medicine. 

Sharing "AUTHOR" a true Being who is a Gift to Guidance for ALL.

You will truly enjoy connecting with MA TU RA on so many levels and for so many reasons!