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Lucy Anne Chard

Lucy Anne Chard is a Presence & Purpose Guide for people who desire to show up authentically in the world with quiet confidence, clarity & Grace. She believes that in order to truly flourish in life, force is not required. Through her online courses, meditation circles and private sessions, she teaches the value of trusting the body's wisdom & honoring the elegance of divine timing in order to cultivate greater harmony, coherence and prosperity in life & in business.

As a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Master NLP Practitioner and Energy Healer, Lucy Anne's greatest desire is to contribute to the evolution of peace & healing on the planet. She is especially passionate about supporting other Healers, Dreamers & Wayshowers to bring more of their much-needed wisdom and integrity into the world. She lives in the British seaside town of Chalkwell with her husband and two feline fur children.