Guest Profile

Luann Lennox

Luann Lennox founder of TequilaSnobs is very passionate about Mexico’s favorite spirit. She has been doing in- person Tequila Tasting parties and corporate events for 8+ years. She has been published in local magazines and newspapers on-line and in print. With the ‘stay at home’ orders this past year, she created “Sipping in Place” events. Virtually, Luann takes her guests through an enlightening and entertaining adventure surrounding the details and tastes of the beautiful agave spirit called Tequila. She educates about the growing, harvesting, making, aging & bottling of the Southwest’s favorite beverage. She leads you to swirl and sip tequila as you would an exquisite cognac or scotch and enjoy the same as a Cabernet.  She has converted countless Tequila Haters into Tequila Lovers, “because love conquers hate” at all arenas. Her fun tagline is “Become enamored not hammered with TequilaSnobs."