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  11/08/2007      12:00 am

The Dr. Pat Show: Talk Radio to Thrive By!: The Sacred Quest

Guest Profile

Louise Langley

Louise E Langley, the London based, former high flying Global Money Markets Star smashed the Boys Club Glass Ceiling then cut a swathe of success across three continents pocketing a stratospheric income along the way.

She paused momentarily to raise three children, became a Super Mum before segueing back to the corporate world only to leave and start an
interior design company; but then something totally out of this world happened

In Dublin just eighteen months ago, Louise met a mysterious stranger and completely out of character, this left brained, bottom line uber-achiever, lost her wits; or thats what some people said.

After her fleeting Dublin meeting, and now back in London, Louise began to hear voices and receive non stop thoughts and guidance from the Ether

On one memorable night she was directed to write a book; understanding little of the complex information she was channeling, this first time authors journey began. As she began to transcribe the book in full, so the book started to become reality around her.

Many days and 361 pages later, The Sacred Quest was written. Louise established a media group to publish the book as instructed. Spookily, characters emerged and events occurred in the book paralleling exactly what was going on in her life and what would happen, but thats not all

The spiritual downloads were literally insights into the cosmic archive/book of Kells/akashic records, drawing together science, philosophy, literature and creation into a semblance of oneness exemplified by the astonishing love story unfolding in front of the worlds eyes- quite something

This Big Picture love story draws together two people from opposite sides of the globe who have not yet met. Its climax looks set to be in Melbourne where a central character channeled to Louise for the book, may actually meet her. This man is unaware of events about to unfold.

It will coincide with the final chapter in The Sacred Quest and begin the first chapter of the next part of Louise E Langleys amazing journey which she knows will have a momentous impact on the direction our Planet should be going


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