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Lizzie Larock

Lizzie Larock is a photographer, a writer, and a positive-psychology based coach who runs the online creativity workshop called, The Life Feast. The Life Feast teaches people how to use photography and positive psychology to savor, swoon and sincerely fall in love with their life.


As a coach, Lizzie, helps clients to achieve their wild and crazy dreams a reality. We create a life you don't need a vacation from.


She’s also the mother of identical twin girls, chauffeur and manager of their overbooked-schedules, wife to an adorable guy who had 6 not-so-adorable orthopaedic surgeries (while aforementioned twins were tiny) and is the former owner of a 200-seat restaurant/bar/nightclub (which is code for she was a stressed-out basket case for a number of years before deciding tshe needed to do life differently).


Lizzie also offers retreats and workshops in her bright and airy Steamboat Springs studio. She provides the space and place to flex your creativity and learn positive-psychology based life skills to help clients flourish. 


Lizzie is committed to helping clients make a dent in the universe, not just the couch cushions.