Guest Profile

Lisa Ann

Lisa is a messenger for Spirit. She relays what she is directed to tell you and how it is given to her. she doesn't control what Spirit messages are delivered. She only allows those in Light and Love to reach thru to speak to you in guidance. Whomever it is, has a message for your highest good. You also may get information about someone you are not even close to. Spirit wants to talk, and they are excited to have a way to do it! You might be the person they choose to relay a healing message for someone else. Please know that not all the messages will make sense to you right away. A month or year later, it will just “click” with what is happening in your life. Spirit will not let you forget.

You have free will. Your messages are based on today’s energy. Spirit knows and hears things that you don’t. So some of the messages may not make sense – NOW. You always have a say in what direction or path you choose for your future. Lisa's intention is to be the voice for Spirit to help guide you. Think of it like having your very own life coach from the higher realms! There are lessons and blessings to be had. None of which are wasted. The messages that are relayed are for your highest and best life. Spirit will give messages that you need but not always what you want know. They will not tell you everything, as frustrating as it may seem. Trust the process. Lisa would be honored to help you on your journey.