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Lina Gilliland

Lina Gilliland is the founder of NACAM Firm Inc. a Native American company. Ms. Gilliland has more than 24 years’ experience working in both the National and International sector. A skillful businesswoman and marketer, her vision and expertise in various segments have driven notable enterprise growth in the regions of educational programs and economic development on both national and international levels. Her achievements have been featured in USA Today, Cyberonics Inc., The Journal Record Year in Review, Merced Sun-Star, San Francisco Chronicle, The Hill, and Indian Country Today as well as other business media around the world.
Lina offers a unique blend of creative and operational strengths, thinking outside the box to come up with innovate ways to solve solutions is one of her most sought-after assets. She has achieved invigorating results and is recognized for her success in addressing social and civic issues, holding awards in these areas. Lina’s implementation and follow through of programs dealing with education and planning has made an impact on the lives of many people throughout her life. She has been successful in starting adult literacy programs in various communities as well as partnering with various organizations to provide tutoring and up to date school materials for underprivileged children in Indian Country as well as implementing business mentoring programs for junior high-school level Tribal adolescence in rural areas of the United States. Lina has worked with many different Tribes and spent several years a contractor in the Indian Health Care system.
Her International work has taken her to over 12 countries where she has worked with children and human rights issues.
Her background on and fight for Indigenous Tribes and rights is strong as is her work among all people.
She is currently writing a book entitled: My America VS Your America "What life in Indian Country is really like."