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Limor Markman

Limor Markman, Real Estate Investor & Money Expert


Limor Markman is a Real Estate Investor & Money Expert. She is on a mission to help people become unapologetically Financially FabulousTM and take steps towards achieving financial freedom!


Following a decade in the banking industry, Limor found herself asking if there is more to life than climbing the corporate ladder and working even more hours. With these thoughts in mind, she embarked on a journey to educate herself on real estate investing and quickly became an accomplished Real Estate Investor with properties across Canada.


She has experience with multiple investing strategies. She had the privilege of travelling across Canada teaching real estate investing for five years for the Rich Dad Poor Dad Brand so that average Canadians can achieve their greater than average dreams.


In the last two years Limor has created a passive real estate investing program where her students have a 100% success rate of getting into real estate deals.


Limor is well rounded and has many streams of income including both Franchise and Direct Selling.


Limor is the founder of www.Limor.Money and the YouTube channel LIMOR. She hosted of the national TV show, The Fortunate Future which aired across Canada in 2018. On the show Limor interviewed experts on Crytpocurrency, Real Estate Investing and Personal Finance.


Limor is frequently sought out by the media and has been featured on BNN, Global, CTV, Huffington Post, National Post and Globe and Mail to name a few.