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Laurie Warren

Laurie Warren has been studying the principles of health and nutrition for over 15 years and graduated from the University of Bridgeport with a Master's of Science degree in Human Nutrition. The early influences on her thinking–from Asian philosophy, to nutritional biochemistry, to the study of indigenous societies, to the study of ecology and ecosystems–all helped her form a new and different view of health, disease, and healing. She continually furthers her education in order to maintain cutting-edge protocols to help her clients get back on the road to optimal whole health. Laurie helps individuals, couples, and families regain their health by addressing all aspects of healing ~ body, mind, spirit ~ combining sound nutritional science, functional medicine, and wisdom. She is a passionate clinician, coach, and educator, committed to teaching about the direct connection between food and health. Laurie’s work with her clients proves over and over that dietary choices have a profound effect on human physiology. This fundamental, far-reaching truth is a foundational pillar of her practice.