Guest Profile

Laura Barton

Iiahanna, also known as Laura Barton in this time, refers to herself simply as an expression of Creation.

Her passion is immersing clients in a unique spectrum of energy, light, and frequency referred to as SourceLight Integration℠, which elevates their complete vibrational aspect to clear blockages and bring balance on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Her highest level of service is facilitating the reconnection of a client into the universal grid via Universal Integration. Her clients describe incredible sessions where instantaneous healings have occurred, as well as amazing shifts in consciousness.

As a regular presenter at East West Bookshop in Mountainview, California, she shares how she facilitates bringing people to their most complete expression of Self. During demonstrations with volunteers from the audience, attendees comment about spontaneous healings and express amazement at the flow of energy experienced.

The larger percentage of her work is with practitioners of other modalities electing to come to a higher level in their personal lives and in their practices. Clients utilize her services from coast to coast as well as internationally, and much of her work is done at distance. She is also well respected for her broad understanding of holistic healing practices and nutritional therapies, including essential oils.

Over decades she has had multiple and increasing contact with galactic beings, and continues to explore and expand that aspect of herself.

Her life mission is to help others come to the fullest version of themselves, going back to childhood years. This has been evidenced by tutoring classmates and assisting educators throughout her school years and helping people come through challenging times by being a source of support and identifying resources. She has assisted with patients’ needs as a former certified nurses’ aide and Medic 1, and client concerns as an advocate for victims of domestic and sexual violence. She also enjoyed a career providing clear explanation of health insurance programs. She is a hospice volunteer on all levels: palliative care, hospice and bereavement. Providing services to veterans has been a significant area of focus since 2012.

A native Oregonian, Iiahanna (Laura) has lived in the Puget Sound area, Southeastern Alaska, Southern California, and currently resides near beautiful Glenwood Springs, Colorado, with her life partner.