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Latriece Love-Goodlett

My special guest. Latriece Love-Goodlett- Mother, singer, songwriter, award-winning public speaker, transformation coach, consultant, and certified mediator. As a singer she has toured the US, Cuba, and Mexico. Worked with Usher, Tupac, Mac Mall, Meklit Hadero, Quinn Deveaux, Candice Antique, Khela, Cava Menzies, Shawn Hayes, and Ashati-Nu. Married to guitarist, songwriter, producer David Goodlett. Founding member of the singing groups GoodLOVE, Sounds of Ma’at, and Two Divine.


Currently runs her own Social Media & Marketing Boutique Agency- Real Mccoy Virtual Assisting and Consulting Agency and is a trainer, facilitator, transformative coach and public speaker. And serves as SEEDS' Conflict Resolution Center- Community Programs Manager- Responsible for all community public training offerings including but not limited to mediation training, and restorative justice training.