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Kumu Ramsay Mahealani Taum

Kumu Ramsay Mahealani Taum

Kumu teacher Ramsay Mahealani Taum is a recognized native Hawaiian cultural practitioner, teacher and spiritual wisdom keeper. Trained and mentored by Hawaiian elders, the keepers of ancient knowledge, he now carries the kuleana, or responsibilities of teacher, guardian, and custodian of that wisdom.

Long ago one of those elders, Pilahi Paki, predicted a time when the spiritual teachings of Native Hawaiians would play a critical role in bringing healing to an ailing planet. Ramsay believes that time is now.

He is accomplished practitioner and teacher of Ho'oponopono, the Hawaiian spiritual practice of making things right. As a student of the late Kahuna Lapa'au Healing Master, Morrnah Simeona, he now teaches others to maintain the integrity of practice this renowned teacher and mentor taught him.

Ramsay recently received the 2013 Peace Day Hawai'i Peace Maker of the Year in recognition of his lifetime devoted to sharing the Spirit of Aloha globally.