Guest Profile

Krysta Lee

Krysta Lee is an award-winning and best-selling author, intuitive guide and coach, actor, and singer with over three decades of combined professional experience. She is featured in magazines and online publications; numerous TV shows, films, radio and podcast productions; performs live on stages; speaks at special events; and is regularly interviewed as a special guest across various media platforms.

While consciously pursuing her passions, and actively helping people tap into their infinite power, Krysta Lee uses her voice as an advocate for personal growth. She's an optimist, a goal-getter, and a big-dreamer with a deep love for nature and creative arts. Empowering others is important to her, and she’s on a mission to inspire as many people as possible to dig-deep and level-up their lives, too!


Krysta Lee resides in rural Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada with her partner-in-shine, DJ, and their two star-seed children, Jaxon and Lillee.