Guest Profile

Krysia Boinis

Krysia Boinis is co-founder and CEO of Vapour Organic Beauty. Krysias special affinity for plants, and a love of sustainable design led her to leave a successful real estate career and follow her heart to Taos, New Mexico. Since that move 15 years ago, Krysia has created a successful private label company specializing in innovative natural & organic cosmetic design & manufacturing.

As a result of surviving Breast Cancer twice, Krysias passion became focused on creating the ultimate in performance & purity in cosmetics. This passion blossomed into Vapour Organic Beauty in 2009.

Krysia has been honored with the PNM Entrepreneurial Leadership Award in 2004 and the New Mexico Small Business Heavy Weights Award in 2010. Krysia earned her B.A. in Design with University Honors from Carnegie Mellon.