Guest Profile

Krisztian Riez

My name is Krisztian Riez and I am the founder of the Mindbloome platform. From a young age I have loved gaming. And like many others out there, I have suffered from mental health issues for many years and used gaming as an escape. I moved away to Australia for over a decade to focus on myself. I developed new skills and behaviors from practitioners that dealt with the core root of my mental health challenges and trauma. Today I am here on the other side saying to you it's okay, I know what it feels like being in your shoes. I wanted to help and give back to those who are suffering just like I was, so decided to create this platform to help give direction and choice to people who need it but don’t know where to go for help. The Mindbloome community is a place where we look after each other, learn from each other and support each other in dealing with life's challenges. I look forward to having you in the community. The journey starts with you!