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Kimberly Beekman

Kimberly Beekman is an international spiritual teacher and author, Ayurvedic wellness counselor, shamanic practitioner, and yoga and meditation teacher trainer. Kimberly's passion to transform mental healthcare was ignited at the age of 16, after her own battle with bulimia and depression. Recovered for over 30 years, she has dedicated her life to innovating childhood trauma recovery based on the latest scientific research in the field of mental health, neuroscience, and spiritual wellbeing. She has discovered and implemented integrative solutions that have helped to sustain mental wellbeing (and lasting recovery from depression and anxiety) for hundreds of people. Her Inner Alignment Soul Retrieval System addresses the original traumas stored at every layer of the body to restore wholeness within the Heart, while leveraging the neuroscience of healing. 

Kim provides three levels of certifcations:
Level 1: Inner Healing and Transformation
Level 2: Inner Alignment Coach Certification 
Level 3: Inner Alignment Soul Retrieval Healer Certification



Inner Alignment Soul Retrieval for Healing Childhood Trauma - System Overview

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