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Kelly Walker

Kelly Walker is an international motivational speaker, author, podcaster and manifesting mentor. She has been featured on over 300 media outlets from ABC, FOX, NBC to I Heart Radio, the Boston Herald, and Telemundo. After 22 years of graphic design, Kelly decided to completely transform her life and career. She is now (finally!) doing the things she started dreaming of when she was in 1st grade - getting on stage and changing the world. In the last year Kelly spoke in London 3 times, dozens of times in 4 US states, visited 6 countries, and hosted 2 cruises. Her podcast has over 20,000 downloads with subscribers in 66 countries. She has published 4 eBooks and just finished her first full-length personal development book, The Drive-Thru Method of Manifesting. As she continues to master the art of manifesting, she shares her expertise with clients, friends and followers all over the world.