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Keiko Bryshun

Keiko Bryshun

Keiko Bryshun is known to be a caring and kind person who has empowered others since she was a little girl.

She has generously given her time and energy as a volunteer for many school and minor hockey events as well as cultural events in Kelowna, British Columbia for over eighteen years.

Keiko is talented dancer and has graced many stages with her beautiful presence. She has taught and performed as a member of " Loose Hip Sisters " belly dance club for fifteen years, creating a safe environment of sisterhood to encourage women ( and some brave men ) to shine as well.

Her natural love for beauty and order led Keiko to study the principles of Feng Shui for over a decade. With her flare for detail and wonderful sense humour she shares valuable information, inspiring others to declutter and improve the flow in their homes, schools, and businesses. At this time, she is exclusively sharing information as a Modern Day Dragon Sayer at Call To Dance Seminars by Colette Marie Stefan in Kelowna.