Guest Profile

Kate Adams

 Kate Adams believes everything is story and your story is everything.


Storytelling is the common thread in her varied career. Starting in television news before moving to event production, casting, digital marketing, and analytics, each role relied on Kate’s ability to get to the main idea and bring it to life for her audience. And each twist in her personal plot taught her more about the creation and cultivation of story; how we use that arc to build our own journeys; and that each of us is, perhaps, our own most important audience. The stories we imagine, create, and pursue for ourselves are pivotal to our happiness.


Kate graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a B.A. in Journalism and Mass Communication. She spent eight years as the Assistant Casting Director at the Emmy-winning “As the World Turns” before giving her popular TED talk, “Four Larger-than-Life Lessons from Soap Operas.” She now works for Walmart and speaks to audiences around the world, sharing surprising inspiration from some of daytime drama’s most audacious characters.