Guest Profile

Karen Richards


Whilst in the turmoil of brain fog, fatigue, overwhelm and depression created over many years, I was introduced to a handful of simple heart-based techniques which, with daily practice, have transformed the way I approach stressful circumstances and the decisions I make. These easy-to-learn techniques are validated by science and their effects can be visibly seen in a waveform of changing heart rhythms.


Coming from an 18-year professional background in Nursing, Public Health, with an Honours Degree in Sociology… and a sceptical mind, weary from battling with unjust systems around us, the scientific evidence for these techniques was important. It gave me the confidence and encouragement to explore something I may otherwise have thought too ‘flimsy’… or seemingly only available to those who had the luxury of time to embrace the spiritual!


We each have our own unique path and honouring this comes from the heart. Acknowledging the value of our own lives and being able to love ourselves is the key to our health, personal and social transformation and ultimately the transformation of the world we live in.


Allow me to support you in experiencing the naturally transforming power of your own heart’s gentle, loving intelligence.