Guest Profile

Karen Oliver

I serve women from ages 18 and up in supporting purpose lifestyle and

seeking long term goals. I am a Life Purpose Coach and Health

&Nutrition Coach. We have a coaching podcast on all platforms. I also

help with food and weight management for diabetic and autoimmune


I believe in people of the community to become better at what they want

to accomplish. Most of us as Americans do not identify the purpose that

is screaming for us. Learning your career path, purpose, and lifelong

dream is what we do. Health Nutrition is important but first you must

identify that health matters mentally before physically. There are three

steps we go through before the nutrition and fitness side for our clients

and patients. My story behind health is a disorder I am taking care of

“rheumatism”. I want to help patient’s health wise in natural substances

and to target accountability approaches. I decided to start skincare line

that focuses on the natural plant-based regime. This care also falls up

under the Health side of the program.

I was inspired by my story and my purpose behind my dream. I didn’t

realize my purpose until the pandemic. Motivating, speaking, blogging,

encouraging has always been a part of my life. I just did not realize that

was the right direction. It’s my passion and I am excited to help others.

I am big at heart, love listening to people, love family, and very