Guest Profile

Karen Bashford

Karen Bashford, known as The Manifesting Lady


Karen is on a mission to stop abuse and trauma from being passed on to future generations.


At 50, Karen realised her parents had never told her they loved her or hugged her. It was normal as

far as she was concerned, but it explained why she had attracted two abusive relationships.


You seek the kind of love you know.


When she finally divorced her husband, Karen lacked confidence and was emotionally exhausted

with no money or work. And had a life-threatening illness.


Her quest to understand why she had two abusive relationships, and experienced life-threatening

diseases led her to seek answers.


In finding the answers, Karen now uses her knowledge and wisdom as a Physic, Soul Healer,

Hypnotherapist, and NLP Practitioner to help other women heal from chronic pain and disease. To

manifest the life they love, using a proven system she wrote about in her book How To Be

Imperfectly Perfect A Practical Spiritual Guide to Becoming YOU!