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Karen Baines

Hi Luvlies! I'm Karen Baines, your Conscious Creation Coach.

By mastering the process of Conscious Creation, particularly around money, business and finances, I believe that you can gain a priceless clarity in your whole life.

I help my clients reach that level of certainty so that they are able to move forward in pursuit of what they want to achieve most in their lives, and finally reach that illusive next income level.

You don’t realise how invaluable clarity actually is until you have it. It is the key to so much more in life, and essential to aligning with divine self expression, your Souls desire, and thus creating absolute abundance.

I love helping passionate, ambitious entrepreneurs have breakthroughs and gain alignment with the work they are truly meant to be doing in this world.

Spiritual clarity lets you see what you need to do differently, what to change and how to change it. I am looking forward to sharing how, you too, can energetically align to unlocking more money and abundance in your life.