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Kang-Xing Jin

Kang-Xing "KX" Jin is Head of Health at Facebook. His team works on products to amplify positive social impact related to health as well as efforts to minimize the harms that can arise out of health-related product usage. He’s worked at Facebook for over 13 years, holding various roles in FB App, including the VP responsible for Facebook Groups and Workplace. He joined Facebook in 2006 as an engineer on the News Feed team, two weeks before that product launched. He graduated summa cum laude from Harvard with a degree in Computer Science. KX has spent many years working across the company and has expertise in how the platform is used for health support. His team is part of the social impact organization and is made up of people with a variety of health-related backgrounds who work on products to amplify positive social impact as well as minimizing potential harm from health-related issues.