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Julie Steelman

 Julie earned her way out of the corporate world at the young age of 47 by unlocking the secrets to a new style of feminine earning power; generating over $100 million in advertising revenue during the rapid rise of the internet.  She discovered that all women possess an internal wisdom she calls Feminine Financial Intelligence™

Julie is known as a financial visionary, supporting her clients in changing their financial destiny and embracing their full financial potential.  Her powerful courses and programs are designed to revolutionize women’s relationship to money - resulting in a healthy self-worth that leads to a robust net worth.  Her clients easily learn how to make more than then need, develop financial literacy and invest in alignment with their visions and values.

 Julie is a certified Feminine Power Coach, holds a Masters degree in Spiritual Psychology and a 25+ year-career in iconic corporate brand sales. Julie loves to integrate the arts into her work as an Intentional Creativity teacher and award-winning wild life photographer.

Julie’s highly-praised book for female entrepreneurs, The Effortless Yes and her very successful programs like the Effortless Selling System, Change Your Financial Destiny and Blossom & Roar, are evolving the financial status of today’s visionary women.