Guest Profile

Julie O Rose

Who I am not is new age or old age, but a full bloom version of all that came before, what is here now, and what will come after. Our Universal story is written within us. We access it through stillness and true willingness to allow the flow to flow through without interference from the conditioned mind. We live in a dual world, but we need not live in the duality of the world. Spaciousness unknowing incorporates duality, turning it into a paradox of cooperation. A paradoxical life melds two viewing points into conscious love.
A grand opening into consciousness allows spaciousness to speak; stepping into the unfamiliar undoing of knowing too much. Knowing too much lessens the opportunity to listen in to the stillness made REAL through yours, mine and our spacious unified field of unknowing.

My Mission: Make light of the darkness with conscious love; make the darkness conscious of being conscious, for out of the dark and deep new human beings and new worlds are fashioned.