Guest Profile

Julie Hightman LAc LMT

Julie Hightman began her journey as a Holistic Healthcare Professional in 2004. Her focus on volunteering and treating addiction, abused women, veterans returning from war, and hospice have brought her many stories and experiences as a witness and facilitator of healing. Beyond this work and the challenges of her own life, the return to nature for sanctuary and embracing the cathartic moments of being in body have always brought the opportunities to rediscover clarity and wholeness. Her offerings as a writer and an artist are another essential outlet for the passion and creativity she seeks to share with the world.

              Author of the memoir "Why Birds Sing at Dawn: Embracing Death and Change as Transformation" and "The Weighted Feather: Essays for Alchemical Living and Empowering Mindfulness", Julie's message to the world is always one of curiosity, cathartic surrender, self-refinement, and the practice of savoring gratitude.