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Julie Crenshaw

Julie Crenshaw is a Conversation Coach and author of the book, Navigating & Avoiding Awkward

Conversations. Throughout the last 15 years, she has cultivated a strong set of interpersonal skills as a

result of working in major department stores, for a collections company, and as a physical therapist

in the home health setting. She teaches on a wide variety of topics, from basic socializing and small

talk skills, to dealing with conflict, to having conversations on difficult subjects such as illness and

grief. As a doctor of physical therapy and a board certified specialist in geriatrics, subjects related to

healthcare, patient rights, and caregiver burden are close to her heart.


Her mission is to empower others to feel confident in their ability to express themselves and their

needs/desires more clearly, and to be able to handle difficult situations and conversations with ease.

She believes that with a strong foundation of compassion, boundaries, and a healthy mindset, anyone

can learn to gracefully connect with others, no matter the situation.