Guest Profile

Joan Gilbert M.s.

Joan Gilbert is a Life Empowerment Guide and the owner of Mindfulness with Joan. Through customized one-on-one sessions, she offers guidance, tools, and strategies to individuals who feel entangled in unsupportive behaviors, beliefs, and thought patterns. Her holistic approach is fueled by the belief that our overall well-being is a combination of our physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual health. No client is broken or labeled. Joan works with clients at all stages of life in a sacred way that honors their being right where they are. Joan's mission is to help you develop self-awareness and self-compassion in order to empower you to create the life you truly desire.

As a teacher and guide, Joan brings a wealth of life experiences and knowledge to support you in your journey to create a life you love. Married for 24 years, she is a mother to two adult children. Her practice began when she followed her passion, leaving a corporate finance career after 25+ years to pursue a Master’s Degree in Health Psychology. She then became a Gendai Reiki Master practitioner and PSYCH-K® facilitator to further support mind, body, and spiritual wellness in her practice. Like the sea turtles she is soulfully connected to, Joan helps her clients move steadily forward with purpose and swim through life with joy.

Magic happens in the present moment. Using thought-provoking questions and reflective feedback, Joan helps you increase your present-moment awareness, decrease stress, eliminate self-limiting beliefs, and find peace. She walks with you as your Life Empowerment Guide on your journey to change your thoughts, discover your best self, achieve a sense of balance, develop connectedness, and obtain long-lasting health and vitality. Invest in yourself and experience personal transformation today with Joan!