Guest Profile

Jessie Torres

Jessie Torres is a certified Master Peak Performance & Transformation Coach with additional masters’ certifications in Meditation, HeartMath Trainer, Reiki Practitioner and Domestic Violence Counselor. She has coached thousands of high-performance people from all walks of life and various parts of the world that have achieved success and the highest level of fulfillment. Jessie is Founder of Fierce Grace Transformation, a course and coaching program that helps high performing entrepreneurs and Leaders, move from burnout and high stress, to achieve passion, purpose, and impact while, growing their businesses and maximizing their results in all areas of their world. They make not only their life extraordinary, but they also have a passion and conviction to love it forward and create impact in the world. She is driven to discover the truth of the client’s deepest potential and unlock the limitless opportunities that leave others in the dark ages, bringing all levels of mindset, energy, Spirituality, and strategy with an authentic, client driven approach. Jessie’s journey was one filled with child abuse, the loss of her two brothers to murder, 29 years apart, and a marriage that left her (as she describes) completely apathetic, emotionless, and spiritually dead. This left her living a life filled with fear, limitation, and the darkness of shame every single day. She turned her suffering and pain into purpose and passion, and now she helps men and women all over the world transform their narrative from "victim" to "victor” and find the courage to take the small steps they need and peel back the layers of fear, to realize their full potential, and live the big life of their dreams. With this as her driving force, She now lives a committed life of passion and purpose And will do all she can to create the biggest impact in turning trauma to triumph and shifting humanity forever