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Jenny Nordin

Jenny DB Nordin (pictured on the right) earned her Master's degree in Communication and Digital Media from the University of Washington and her Bachelor's degrees in Biology and Political Science from Duke University. 

She is the founder of Dog Gone Seattle, a Washington based 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to saving homeless dogs in high-kill shelters through rescue, foster, and adoption. 
Dog Gone Seattle is a foster-based organization that is 100% funded through adoption fees and donations. 

Dog Gone Seattle believes every dog deserves a chance at a forever home, and makes a difference in the lives of these deserving animals, one dog at a time! 
In 2017, DGS rescued over 415 dogs and placed more than 375 into loving forever homes. 


Jenny grew up surrounded by animals -- hamsters, geckos, rats, cockatoos, cats, and (of course) dogs -- and spent her adolescence volunteering in wildlife rehabilitation, which she says has helped tremendously in working with shelter dogs with unknown histories. She strives to approach each animal with respect for its individual needs.

She adopted her first rescue dog from a high-kill shelter in Durham, NC while in college, and then another f
rom a private shelter in Seattle after graduation. Her personal experiences in "rescuing" shaped her views about rescue organizations and adoption processes. Always passionate about animal rights, she followed advocacy groups for years, but didn't feel she could stomach the heartache of working for the plight of millions of dogs with no hope to speak of. 


But after nine years in marketing and business development, she felt she needed to do more. On a whim she offered to create a website for a local dog rescue. While the website needed help, she quickly saw the dogs needed help more urgently. She began fostering and then recruiting fosters and soon after managing dozens of dogs from rescue through adoption. Jenny had jumped into the proverbial deep end of rescue and hasn't looked back.

In January 2017 she founded Dog Gone Seattle, and the rest is a history in the making. 
Jenny has a passion for helping large breed dogs -- the ones that are commonly overlooked or misunderstood, including pitbulls, shepherds, black dogs, and mutts. She has immersed herself in the world of dog rescue and strives to take in everything related to training and rehabilitation, veterinary medicine, nutrition, and more. This leads her to take on some of the toughest medical and behavioral cases. 

Jenny considers every "special needs" dog a learning opportunity that can help better the rescue. She lives the motto "Rescue Respect Repeat" -- understanding that easily adoptable dogs keep the rescue afloat, but each dog requires its own rescue approach, with respect, to allow the organization to repeat the mission.

Jenny is pictured on the right with Wendy Rose Williams, host of Soul Wisdom Radio: Living Your Joyful Life!  It was 'gotcha' day for Soul and Rocky, a bonded cattle dog mix sibling pair who were on their way to their new home with an Army Veteran.

Wendy is a Past-Life Regressionist and feels she and Jenny have worked together on behalf of the animals many times before.