Guest Profile

Jennifer Santospago

Just like you, I am always working on my own ongoing investments to stay healthy. I’m the mother of two children and struggled over the years, like most of us, with my own health and fitness. I learned that getting different results is all about taking responsibility to change your lifestyle, which, of course, isn't easy to do alone. Making big changes takes tons of planning and action as well as motivation and support. That's why I started dreams 2 Reality — to help you get fitness results and make lifestyle changes right alongside me. 


My coaching style is different from that of a typical gym, where trainers may not mind if you don’t show up. All my members bring something to classes — we support and energize each other! I also prefer long-term commitments, as my coaching focus is on facilitating complete lifestyle changes rather than achieving a fast, short-lived goal. 


Those who know me and have worked with me have called me an energy coach, a kindness coach, and a positive-transformation expert. I’m dedicated to the idea and execution of my members receiving the care, encouragement, and accountability they need. I do this by combining the three major aspects of a person’s health — the mind, body, and core — in all my classes and programs. I am well-known for getting results, and my energy, passion, and motivational skills are highly regarded among my current members.